“GET A GRIP” outtakes, demos, sessions and leaks

Get a Grip is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released in April 1993 by Geffen Records. Get a Grip was the band’s last studio album to be released by Geffen before they returned to Columbia Records.

Initial recording sessions took place in January–February, 1992 at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, and September–November, 1992, at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, Canada.

Other songs on Studio tapes:
1992 Demo’s: Head first – Eat the rich, different version – Eat the rich – Dime store lover – ? – Fever – 13 – Deuces – Get Grip – Meltdown – Lizard love – Crazy – Yo mama – Black cherry – Suzie Q – Amazing. Excellent sound demos, sound good enough to be a finished song: Dime store lover – 13 – Meltdown – Black Cherry. Excellent demos of: Messin – Shut up and dance – Walk on down – Wham bam – Flesh – Gotta love it – Cryin – Strange – Line up. 2 Meltdown instrumentals from studio in studio in Mass.
1992 Demos excellent sound, could be finished songs, some are slightly different than released: Gotta love it – Messin – Trouble – Cryin – Get a grip – Walk on down – Shut up and dance – Flesh – Edge – Wham bam – Crazy – Line up – Strange – Legendary child demo; excellent of 1992 Get a Grip.
1992 Get a Grip, fist day of vocals.
1992 A&M studio mixes, excellent sound, my fave tape: Fever – Eat the rich – Dime store lover – Don’t stop, Joe’s pscho – Black  cherry – Amazing – Get a grip – Head first – Deuces are Wild – Lizard love – Yo Mama – Meltdown – Devil’s got a new disguise – 13 – Meltdown 2 – Boogie man; these sound awesome, better than the other ones that are out there…
1993 Remixes: such as ,vocal up or guitar up or down, or slightly different than released: Eat the rich – Gotta love it – Head first; excellent sound.
1993 Excellent sound: Meltdown, master- Meltdown, vocal up – Strange, master – Strange, vocal up – Livin’ on edge, master – Edge, vocal  up 1.
1993 Jam sessions at bay farm, excellent.
1993 Mixes: like vocal up, bass up, etc of: Don’t stop – Eat rich – Fever – Edge – Line up – Walk on down – Get a Grip – Gotta love it – Cryin’ – Crazy – Amazing – Flesh. 

2 thoughts on ““GET A GRIP” outtakes, demos, sessions and leaks

  1. Hi! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Recently discovered your site, really great and thorough insight and info on demo tapes and sound quality!
    Have you got them and or/trade them?
    I’d love to have a listen to the 1992/93/96/97 outtakes.

    Best regards


    1. Hey Agustin, I don’t think it was ever played live… that sounds like it was coming from an in-studio band rehearsal from 1996 and it was only those 2 seconds that leaked years ago, no full recording available or live performance that we know of. As for other outtakes, we are looking to promote fan interest and discussion about the Aerosmith outtakes, but we don’t have any full recordings, you can find more info on them an the sources of information in a few articles published 😉


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