Peppy Castro talks about his friendship with Joey Kramer, writing “Tramp”, Aerosmith, Balance and upcoming musical

Joey Kramer’s long time friend/songwriter/producer Peppy Castro talked to us, the Aerosmith BackBurner, on 24/09/2020. Peppy talked about his band Balance, his friendship with Joey, how and where the demo for “Tramp” was written, his involvement in an upcoming London musical, and many Aerosmith-related stories. We reached out and interviewed Peppy after Joey mentioned writing … More Peppy Castro talks about his friendship with Joey Kramer, writing “Tramp”, Aerosmith, Balance and upcoming musical


“Tramp’” is song Aerosmith considered during the 1988/1989 Pump sessions at Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver, Canada, but was never completed. It was mainly written by Peppy Castro and Joey Kramer with input from Steven Tyler, demo lyrics from Eric Troyer. The title of the song can be seen in a scene of the Making … More Tramp

Greatest Hits Live (unreleased 1995 album)

‘Greatest Hits Live’ was an Aerosmith album that was recorded between 1994 and 1995. It was scheduled to come out in 1995 but was shelved and ultimately never released. American record producer and engineer Kevin Elson was brought onboard to manage the recordings of a host of concerts and the ultimate production of this live … More Greatest Hits Live (unreleased 1995 album)

The Jam Band

Before Aerosmith, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton were in a band called “The Jam Band” with highschool friend Pudge Scott. They recorded self-titled album on August 30th, 1969 with two Shure microphones over an audience at “The Barn” [a club where The Jam Band and The Chain Reaction frequented] and was taped with Pudge Scott’s … More The Jam Band

Is Anybody Out There?

“Is Anybody Out There?” is a melodic mid-tempo song written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Jim Vallance in Vancouver, 1987. It could be considered a 3-time Aerosmith outtake, as the band worked on it during the sessions for Permanent Vacations, Pump and Get a Grip. The song might have take inspiration from Pink Floyd’s … More Is Anybody Out There?

Good Thang

“Good Thang” is a ballad written by Steven Tyler with Diane Warren (IDWTMAT and Devil’s new Disguise) in 1991 as part of pre-production sessions to write new material for what would later become the Get a Grip album. Everything seem to indicate that it was written during a solo session between Tyler and Warren (maybe … More Good Thang

Rubber Bandit

“Rubber Bandit” is an Aerosmith outtake written during the ’88/’89 sessions for their Pump album with producer Bruce Fairburn. It is most know for showing up in the “B list” (while Steven and Joe discuss demos) and the whiteboard behind Steven (during rehearsals) during the Making of Pump home video. Bandit is a rocker, it … More Rubber Bandit

O, Yeah (album)

Not much is known about the short sessions for the 2002 “Oh Yeah” compilation album. Steven and Joe went to Mauii to write and record new material, from which “Girls of Summer” and “Lay it Down” came. During those same sessions the cover of the “Spider-man Theme” was recorded. 2 others songs were presented by … More O, Yeah (album)

When the Monkey Comes

‘When the Monkey Comes’ is an Aerosmith outtake from Nine Lives album. It was recorded during the 1996 sessions at the South Beach studio. A version of the song was later reworked under a new name, ‘Angle’s Eyes’, and released for the Charlie’s Angels movie soundtrack in 2000. A demo of the song was found … More When the Monkey Comes

History of Man

“History of Man” is an Aerosmith outtake from the 1996 South Beach sessions for the Nine Lives album. The song was written by Pat Macdonald and Mark Hudson, brought to the band by Hudson and produced during the first attempt of the album with Glen Ballard producing it. The song title can be read in … More History of Man

Tom confirms Aerosmith is working on Box-Set with Unreleased material during Rock N’ Roll Fantasy MasterClass

Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton participated in the Rock N’ Roll Fantasy camp program with a virtual Master Class via Zoom on 2020/06/28, where he interacted with +25 fans from around the world answering questions and playing bass for an hour. During the event Tom revealed having worked on a potential solo album, an autobiography, and the … More Tom confirms Aerosmith is working on Box-Set with Unreleased material during Rock N’ Roll Fantasy MasterClass

Future albums

There has been seemingly little to none interest from the band to keep recording, but still, every time they are asked about a new album, the always leave the door opened. Brad mentioned the band going to the studio in an interview with Billboard in 2017: Have you been recording lately?We actually did some recording … More Future albums

Blue Eyes Blue

In March 5, 1999 MTV reported that Aerosmith recorded Diane Warren song, “Blue Eyes Blue” for the film “Runaway Bride”. They later opt out of the project leaving Eric Clapton to record the song for the film soundtrack (released July 1999). Tyler agrees the song didn’t fit the image of Aerosmith saying: “We recorded it, … More Blue Eyes Blue


“13” is the working title of an unreleased song from the 1992 Get a Grip sessions. “13” was most likely used because it was the 13th song on the list of songs they were working on and as the song didn’t have lyrics they just refereed to it as “13”. This is a great example … More 13

Nine Lives (album)

This album was delayed a lot and was really hard to produce and to finish. The album was recorded 3 times in different studios. They started writing new songs late 1995, later went with producer Glen Ballard and wrote more songs on Miami’s “Marlin Hotel”, they then recorded the songs on the South Beach Studios … More Nine Lives (album)

Tom Hamilton solo

In recent years Tom has often mentioned having a good amount of songs recorded and considering releasing them as a solo album. The only problem he found was getting them in the right shape. They didn’t fit the Aerosmith style, so he considered having a female singer record vocals and get them release them to … More Tom Hamilton solo

Renegade (band)

Internal problems with Aerosmith led to the creation of the band “Renegade” in 1981. Joey said the reason he put the band together is because Aerosmith was ready to self-destruct. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had already left the band, and Steven Tyler was side-lined for the year on account of a motorcycle accident. Joey … More Renegade (band)