Tom Hamilton solo

In recent years Tom has often mentioned having a good amount of songs recorded and considering releasing them as a solo album. The only problem he found was getting them in the right shape. They didn’t fit the Aerosmith style, so he considered having a female singer record vocals and get them release them to … More Tom Hamilton solo

Music From Another Dimension (album)

After many failed attempts in 2006, 2007 and 2009, the band finally started work on the new album with an 8 day songwriting session that Joe Perry missed. Earlier this year, Aerosmith recorded a series of demos in Los Angeles. Tentative track titles included “Bobbing For Piranha,” “Asphalt” and “Legendary Child.” “They still sound like … More Music From Another Dimension (album)

Yo Mamma

“Yo Mamma” is an amazingly fun rock & blues song believed to be left from the 1992 Get a Grip sessions. It made it almost all the way to the end of the production process during the albums first attempt at the A&M studios. The song starts with Joe’s guitar hitting the E chord, with … More Yo Mamma