MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION song ideas that didn’t even make in in the Delux version!

After many failed attempts in 2006, 2007 and 2009, the band finally started work on the new album with an 8-day songwriting session that Joe Perry missed.

Earlier this year, Aerosmith recorded a series of demos in Los Angeles. Tentative track titles included “Bobbing For Piranha,” “Asphalt” and “Legendary Child.” “They still sound like Aerosmith,” wrote Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt in a recent cover story about Tyler. “Slinky, riff-rock, big -chorused soul ballads, leaning more Seventies than Nineties.”

Andy Greene for Rolling Stone

We know that at least one of the song ideas written during these sessions developed into “Beautiful”.

Jack Douglas mentioned in an interview with ASCAP, that 4 more songs were left from the sessions, outside the deluxe version.

And that doesn’t mean we recorded 20. We recorded 24, so there’s four left over. Then there’s material that we only developed, so I would guess in that first few months, we developed about 28 or 30 ideas…

Jack Douglas

The recording sessions took place in Boston in 2011 at the band’s Vindaloo/Pandora’s Box studio. The footage above includes clips of a few unused riffs and ideas by Steven and Joe.

Originally Episode 7 was given to RollingStone/Yahoo as a web extra, covering the recording of “Can’t Stop Loving You” with Carrie Underwood, but has since become unavailable from their web, hence its omission from this video. Patrick Casey Tebo recorded, edited and produced the original material.

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