“BLUE EYES BLUE” Diane Warren’s perfect follow-up to IDWTMAT but Aerosmith rejected

On March 5, 1999, MTV reported that Aerosmith recorded Diane Warren song, “Blue Eyes Blue” for the film “Runaway Bride”. They later opt out of the project leaving Eric Clapton to record the song for the film soundtrack (released July 1999).

Aerosmith recently recorded a ballad called “Blue Eyes Blue” for the soundtrack to Runaway Bride. After a few listens clearer heads prevailed and Eric Clapton was asked to re-record the song. Tyler agrees the song didn’t fit the image of Aerosmith. Insiders believe the band fears being labeled as ballad band following the success of “I Dont Want to Miss a Thing.

Mtv News, March 5, 1999

Tyler agreed the song didn’t fit the image of Aerosmith saying:

“We recorded it, but it wasn’t suitable for framing Aerosmith in”.

Steven Tyler, Mtv News, March 5, 1999

It’s unknown if all 5 members of Aerosmith ever really recorded a version of the track, but Diane’s studio, Realsongs, produced a demo with Steven Tyler’s vocals on top in 1999. Khris Kellow, Diane’s staff producer, was the conductor of the track produced, which lives archived in Realsongs CD #73.

The demo is just Steven recording his vocals on top of a basic track that Diane’s team had put together, I don’t think there is any real Aerosmith work on this demo at the very least. It is interesting to see the production and song structure parallels with IDWTMAT. Also worth noting that Tyler’s version contains an extra section that didn’t make it to the final song:

Why you lied? Why you had me believe that your love was really mine,
What I see, what I saw, when I thought I saw sweet love in your eyes,
Every minute I could swear, I could feel, it was there yeah, but more than I knew…

Blue Eyes Blue 1999 demo

Years later this demo leaked online through the hands of a Diane Warren fan. This person allegedly had close personal connections with the VP of the studio and shared an mp3. Not long after the demo ended up on youtube.

Compare the demo version and Eric Clapton’s versions below:

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