AEROSMITH FUTURE ALBUMS and the few clues we have about what’s coming next!

There has been seemingly little to no interest from the band to keep recording, but still, every time they are asked about a new album, they always leave the door opened.

Brad mentioned the band going to the studio in an interview with Billboard in 2017:

Have you been recording lately?
We actually did some recording while we were touring Europe, and we started recording a new song. We were in the studio in London.

What can you tell me of this new song you recorded in London?
This song is a musical idea of Joe Perry’s. We’re doing it very much like we did songs back when we started out. It’s a very rock ‘n roll.

Brad Whitford interview, Billboard 2017

By 2022 Joe had seems to be considering looking to the vaults rather than going back to the studio with Aerosmith.

If there’s no pressure of getting a chart hit, why doesn’t Aerosmith just make another hard rock record?
I mean, do I really need to write another “Draw The Line” when there are probably three different versions of that song we have that for some reason we didn’t use? Just knowing what it takes to make [that kind of] Aerosmith record — Steven playing the drums, having a microphone recording all the time and us jamming. I don’t know. 

Spin, Joe Perry interview, March 2022

It is unlikely the band will record more material. Tyler might not see the point as the band goes through so much grief to have something that doesn’t sell as it used to.

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