“ROCK IN A HARD PLACE” SEQUEL alt line up album sessions

A new writing session took place with the replacement members (Crespo and Dufay) after the August 1982 release of the “Rock in a Hard Place” album. The songs written were meant to be used by “that” alternate lineup of the band.

It’s been said they were almost a CD worth of songs, but reportedly not finished because of Tyler not being “able” to perform or write lyrics during most of the sessions.

The result was a few unfinished lyrics that were pure dirty, nasty, sexual jokes and “good times” by Tyler and company scatting over instrumental tracks.

One of the songs that were considered was known by the band simply as “on the bus song” because they would jam on it while on their tour bus. A few takes with Tyler scatting exist. This song was eventually finished and released by Rick Dufay in 2001.

The RIAHP sessions bootleg “.999 Pure Gold” includes an extended version of Riff & Roll under the name “Hey You”. It has an extra verse and bridge. It’s a great song that later appeared on Pandora’s Box.

There is also a song with a cooking riff that wasn’t on the album which Steven scats over, something like “Whatchya Gonna Do…” listed as track 05. A few elements went on to become “Jig Is Up”, but this version is a completely different thing in that form.

Additional material written by Crespo may have been considered, including the tracks recorded by Kramer’s supergroup “Renegade“.

The sessions were eventually discarded as Tyler and Perry started talking about reuniting the original formation of the band.

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