“PUMP” outtakes, demos, sessions and leaks!

Aerosmith rehearsing 1989

Pump is the tenth studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released in September 1989.

Recording sessions took place in January–June 1989 at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, Canada.

A few outtakes from these sessions leaked online around 1996, after Tim Collins was fired as Aerosmith manager.

Other songs on Studio tapes:
Demos ’88-’89: Fake fight – Brad’s no title – Jenny’s got a gun – Jamies got a gun vocal/keyboard – Anytime? – Ain’t enough and 8 instrumentals.
Mixes full band, excellent: My girl – Hot toddy – Burning up – News for you – Girl’s got something – Anybody out there 1 – Anybody out there 2 – Burning up – Brad’s newest. Roughs, full band, excellent: My girl – Don’t get mad – Guilty kilt – Anybody out there – Girl’s got something – Fake Fight – Sedona Sunrise – Rubber Bandit – Burning Up – Short?.
Last work tape from march 1989, excellent sound: My girl – Ain’t enough – Rubber Bandit – FINE – Other side – What it takes, slower – Deuces wild demo – Tracker pull instru – instru – rough riffs – Joe Perry jammin – 80’s.

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