“NIGHT IN THE RUTS” outtakes, demos and sessions we know of!

Night in the Ruts is the sixth studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released in November 1979, by Columbia Records. Guitarist Joe Perry left the band midway through its recording. The album was initially produced at the band’s Warehouse rehearsal space by Jack Douglas, who had produced Aerosmith’s previous four albums, but later Columbia Records brought in Gary Lyons to replace Douglas as the producer.

Recording sessions took place in mid-1979 at Studio Media Sound & Record Plant, New York City.

  • A demo for “Chiquita” was played on the radio by Steven and Joe months ahead of the album’s release.
  • A tape of pre-production sessions for “Three Mile Smile” with the band slowly developing the arrangements for the song leaked recently.
  • Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)” was a demo the band took to the road and Steven and Joe played an early live version of the song on the radio months ahead of the album’s release.
  • I Live in Connecticut” is an instrumental early version of “Three Mile Smile”, later included on Pandora’s Box.
  • “Let it Slide” is the very first version of “Cheese Cake”, also included on Pandora’s Box.
  • “Climbing the Walls” is a song listed on a 1979 tape, reportedly a poor quality instrumental (and not a great track).
  • “Funkin Worlds” is another instrumental on the 1979 tape.
  • “Jammin’ too” refers to a long free jamming session in a 1979 tape from the band.
  • “?” is an un-named poor quality 1979 instrumental.

Other songs on Studio tapes:
Rehearsal tape from 1979, instrumentals from Night in the Ruts: She’s on fire – Funkin Worlds – My fist your face – Mia, demo. Instrumennntals of: Cheese cake – 3 mile smile – no surprise – south station blues – ? – Coney island – 3 mile, real long – Jammin too.

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