“LET’S GET LOUD” the rock/hip-hop collaboration Tyler/Perry did for the ESPY Awards

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry contributed music to a piece that Public Enemy’s Chuck D wrote for the introduction to the ESPY Awards. The cut, “Let’s Get Loud“, features music by the Aerosmith members and rapping by Chuck, Busta Rhymes, MC Lyte and Fife. Paul Santo was the Pro Tools engineer for the recording of the track.

A video clip directed by Neil Mandt aired on July 16, 2003 on ESPN. The video featured Steven and Joe on Joe’s MA home driveway and performing on their motorbikes and on a stage next to a beach pointing to a screen with ESPN games. Steven’s sole line in the song is “come one everybody get up, get loud, get loud!” with Joe soloing over the lead riff in the key of D.

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