“KRAWHITHAM” the LI3 dissonant hard rock song written during boring downtime

Krawhitham is an Aerosmith outtake from their 1977 sessions for Draw the Line. It was written in the studio downtime while Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton waited for singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry to show up.

The song was played live only one known time during a 1978 soundcheck; Mark Prado reviews the recording in his book, Aerosmith: Tapes From The Cellar.

The band jams on the tune dubbed “Krawhitham”, which would appear in a more complete version on the Pandora’s Box collection.
Tyler sings select lyrics to “Kings and Queens” he listens to the overall sound, as the band repeats the end section, trying to perfect it.
Hamilton plays a little of “Mama Kin” before the band jumps into “I Wanna Know Why”.
Tyler requests “Big Ten Inch Record”, the band goes through a loose workout of the tune. The band also works on “Season of Wither” with Tyler telling Perry when to come in as the ending is worked out. An interesting session.

Mark Prado, Aerosmith: Tapes From The Cellar

It was released in the 1991 boxset “Pandora’s Box”.

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