“COME TOGETHER/SGT. PEPPER’S” sessions, demos, outtakes and more

American hard rock band Aerosmith recorded one of the most successful cover versions of “Come Together” in 1978. The band performed the song in the 1978 film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; their recording appeared on its accompanying soundtrack album. Released as a single in July 1978, Aerosmith’s version was an immediate success, reaching number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100, following on the heels of a string of Top 40 hits for the band in the mid-1970s.

Part of these sessions leaked in a 1978 tape; Mark Prado reviews the recordings in his book, Aerosmith: Tapes From The Cellar.

Wanting to add a live version of “Come Together” for the “Live! Bootleg” album, the band works on a version at their rehearsal space. The session starts off with “All your Love’”, a different take than would appear on “Pandoras Box”, but in similar sound and styler. The “Pandoras Box” version is credited to the “Draw the Line” sessions, but that many not the accurate. “Jack, you ready? Tyler asks producer Jack Douglas as the band readies to launch multiple takes of “Come Together”. “We’re rolling”, Douglas informs the singer.
“Steven, Steven? Sound pretty good, but we should do it again, though”, Douglas says after the first take. “Let’s work out that middle, after the instrumental”, he adds as Hamilton plays the song’s main riff.
“Hey Jack, is there anything I should change in the tone of the bass?” Hamilton asks. “It’s getting better, let’s go from the top again”, Douglas says after another attempt by the band.
“Hey Joe, it would be better if you didn’t sing and just concentrate on your guitar part and I can do the vocals over”, Douglas says.
After one more attempt, the band jumps into “Downtown Charlie” another song that appears on “Pandora’s Box”, where its credited to the “Night in the Ruts” sessions (where Perry refers to it as “one of our drunken jams”).
During some of the later takes sans Douglas on the second date, Tyler begins to lose his patience: “Get me some fuckin’ (sound spectrum) highs, there’s nothing here!” And then: “We hear nothing… I’m no fool! I got a fuckin’ stereo system at home!”

Mark Prado, Aerosmith: Tapes From The Cellar

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