“WAIT FOR THE NIGHT” the Perry/Withford early reunion song

“Wait for the Night” is a song Joe Perry wrote with Brad Withford when Withford joined the Joe Perry project for some time in 1982/83. Perry narrates on their 1997 autobiography “Walk this Way”:

“…The one good thing was that Brad Withford started to work with me. We started doing three dates with him in the band and it turned into a month. It was like having missing limb structured back on. Just having him there, I felt like some of the old dynamic was back, and we wrote a song, “Wait for the Night”.”

Joe Perry 1997

During an online Crossfire Q&A with Cowboy Mach Bell, when asked about the song he stated:

Crossfire: Did the JPP ever play the Joe Perry/Brad Whitford penned song “Wait For The Night?”
Cowboy Mach Bell: I can’t recall that song. I only heard of it when I read “Walk This Way.” We did play and record “When Worlds Collide”. I think Brad came up with that riff with Joe. I wrote the words.

Crossfire Online QA with Cowboy Mach Bell

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