“Roll Away The Stone” Richie Supa’s happy spiritual sequel to Chip Away for Aerosmith’s Nine Lives

“Roll Away the Stone” is an Aerosmith outtake from the Nine Lives album. An early demo that Richie Supa took to the band but wasn’t used.

Steven Tyler with Richie Supa

The song has a very obvious “Chip Away the Stone” feel to it, clearly brought by Supa. The opening guitar riff in G is cool, the pre-chorus is funky and the chorus sounded like a crowd chanting the lyrics “so, roll away the stone, gotta let it go… So, roll away the stone, roll it all night long“.

Lyrics were improvised, unfinished, just a couple of words in the chorus made sense. It was rumoured that the band recorded a version with Tyler and Perry doing back vocals on the demo, but judging by the unfinished lyrics in the demo, this is highly unlikely.

Richie confirmed his involvement in writing Roll Away, Bacon Biscuit and Wham Bam for the band via his social media in 2012.

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