“TICKLE MY PICKLE” the Tyler limerick that was considered for Nine Lives

“Tickle my Pickle” is a short audio insert that, along “Little Grass Shack”, was considered for inclusion on Aerosmith “Nine Lives” album, as late as December 1996. The 29 seconds track featured Tyler doing a Scottish accent and a couple of humming back vocal tracks behind the second part of the limerick:

We cross the sea, the rogues and I to see the ladies fair, and have our fair away with them and fool with their flexing hair…
Tickle my pickle, are you unaware? Under the kilt and under the hair, if you don’t tickle me in the regrease, tickle your pickle and piss in your fears, aha… (laughs)

Steven Tyler 12/06/1996

As an insert, it would have worked as an internal joke in between tracks, much in the fashion of Pump with Dulcimer Stomp, Hoodoo and Water Song. It could have probably worked with the Ballard-produced version of Nine Lives, not the Caveman New York-produced version.

(Photo is Alice Cooper in a kilt, with Steven’s 1996 face and pickle Rick)

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