“I HAD A DREAM” the forgotten full band JOE PERRY solo demo from 2004

“I had a Dream” is one of the songs Joe Perry started writing in 2004 and considered for his 2005 self-titled solo album. Demoed at Joe’s basement studio, the Boneyard, in late July 2004, it consisted mostly of a couple of guitar riffs and early ideas for the vocal melody.

The demo had a “full band” feel to the recording – possibly Joe on guitars and bass and his late friend/engineer/drummer Paul Caruso on drums. Half-baked ideas for the vocal melodies were scatted (something Steven usually does). They could get too repetitive at times and may have been one of the reasons why it was left behind. The only clear line was:

I had a dream that made me crazy drunk out of my mind

“I Had a Dream” lyrics, Joe Perry 2004

The track felt like a real Joe Perry song, the interesting mix of sections makes it hard to tell which is the verse and which is the chorus. An instrumental section with descending chords appearing a couple of times could be space for a pre-chorus or solo.

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