“CALL MY NAME” the Joe Perry demo started in the Boneyard in 2004

“Call my Name” is one of the songs Joe Perry started writing in 2004 and considered for his 2005 self-titled solo album. Demoed at Joe’s basement studio, the Boneyard, in mid-April 2004, consisting mostly of a couple of guitar riffs and early ideas for the lyrics.

Running at 112bpm, the demo was recorded on top of a percussion loop, rather than a real drum track. Starting with the chorus, based on a riff played between drop D and G chords, the verses follow on the Bb chord, but it feels stuck somehow. The guitar solo is placed on top of a descending bridge section, dropping from D to A, that features cool melodies (the highlight of the song), making for an almost 3 minutes long track.

The lyrics repeat themselves twice, and they are not quite ready. This was clearly a work in progress that Joe didn’t have time to finish. It’s obvious he invested more time and effort in finishing the tracks he was more interested in for his album at the time.

Call my name, don’t call my number,
Cause I’ll never be that far from you,
Call my name, don’t call my number,
I know from all the things that you do,

You have a habit, of falling away,
I’ve got the feeling that you are gone for the day,
When I can see you, I know we are OK,
The thought of losing you is turning my hair grey…

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