“NO ROOM IN MY HEART” the unfinished comeback Country Duet

Tom, Joe and Brad outside Little Mountain Sound, 1987

“No Room in My Heart” is a song Aerosmith considered during the recording process of their comeback album, Permanent Vacations, with production work from Bruce Fairbairn. While the band tried different ideas and stiles during the 1987 sessions at Little Mountain Studios, some country influences also came with “Once is Enough” and “No Room in My Heart”, having the second one conceptualized as a country duet with a girl from the beginning.

“I really don’t remember if we ever recorded “No Room In My Heart” with a country artist. If the band ever did, I’m not sure. It was always the concept that it would be recorded with a female country singer.”

John Kalodner 2004 via his website

A sniped of a live 1987 studio demo leaked in 2005, already realized as a duet with a girl. The identity of the female vocalist is still unknown. The demo runs at 128BPM with a descending riff on clean guitar and a Korg keyboard. The female singer drives the chorus while Tyler tries to harmonize on top with his higher range. The particular session that the demo came from seem to be an early take of the song and the band was still learning and adapting the song.

We don’t really know why the song was eventually rejected, but we can assume it really didn’t fit the tone of the album. While Aerosmith and country music can go well together, this was not a highlight.

No Room In My Heart partial demo lyrics:

No room in my heart for your love,
No room in my heart for your baby,
because I had enough, (one more)

No room in my hea, room in my heart for your baby,
No room in my heart for your love,
No room in my heart for your baby,
because i had enough,
here we go…

Chorus chords: A – F# – B – E

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