“When the Monkey Comes” the Perry/Frederiksen rough that turned on to Angel’s Eye

As listed in the 1996 South Beach tape

‘When the Monkey Comes’ is an Aerosmith outtake from Nine Lives album. It was recorded during the 1996 sessions at the South Beach studio. A version of the song was later reworked under a new name, ‘Angle’s Eyes’, and released for the Charlie’s Angels movie soundtrack in 2000.

A demo of the song was found in one of the lost Avatar Studios DAT (digital audio tape) found in a trash bin in the UK during the early 2000’s. The tapes contained TV mixes of released tracks and demos simply listed as “rough”.

3 of these were early pre-production demos with someone other than Tyler on vocals. It is assumed that the voice belongs to Marti Frederiksen, as he is known to have started working with Joe. One of the “rough” demos was clearly the opening riff and pre-chorus we now recognise from Angel’s Eye, but the chorus was completely different in chords and melody. The lyrics in this demo were all scating with a couple of words finished, like the conclusion to the chorus repeating the word “disguise”. The South Beach demo did include Tyler on vocals and different lyrics to the released version (though similar in parts). While the lyrics were almost finished, they didn’t flow as good as the final ones.

Its most likely a song Frederiksen brought to the band, initially working on it with Perry, as John Kalodner asked him to provide songs for the band about that time, and then Tyler finished the lyrics.

Rumours at the time stated that Frederiksen wrote all the Nine Lives and Just Push Play songs and that management added Tyler and Perry to the songwriting credits to make it look like an Aerosmith album. Other wondered if all the band members really played on all the albums tracks, or if its just Tyler’s vocal dubs added to Frederiksen’s tracks. “Deuces Are Wild”, for example, is not Aerosmith in the instruments, all instruments were played by Jim Vallence and only added Tyler’s vocals to the demo.

When “Angel’s Eye” was released it credited as Tyler/Perry and Frederikersen so assume Perry did some sort of guitar dub on it. Whilst the song rocked in a way, a lot of fans hated it, or put it down as it lacked a real guitar solo which is very un-Aerosmith in style.

“Angel’s Eye” was played live about 5 times in 2001, two of which Steven confused its lyrics with the original demo. The video below is a mix the 2 live versions and an evolution of the demos.

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