Sources of leaks and information

  • Old from ’97 al ’99 hosting demo clips, unreleased videos and full outtake lyrics
  • Live versions of un-released songs
  • Interview comments from band members
  • Copyright registration in ASCAP and BMI
  • Website and personal archives of co-writters (Diane Warren, Jim Vallance and Richi Supa for example).
  • Jhon Kalodner old web
  • Leaked Bootlegs with full album sessions
  • AF1 Japan leaked “Oxygen” in 2004
  • Promo CDs: Unreleased Tracks from Geffen era in 2008, and “Painted on My Heart” in 2000
  • Abandoned DAT tapes after management deals were broken or going from one label to another
  • Lost studio tapes through the years
  • Anonymous Torrents, leaks from the band, staff, engineers, producers, etc

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