“Genie Joe and the Axeman” game SOUNDTRACK by Joe Perry REMIX

The game, “Genie Joe and the Axeman,” was built to promote Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Boneyard Brew hot sauce, JoePerrysRockYourWorld, in 2003/2004.

Perry recorded the voice for the Genie and created the music for the project. Originally recording 45 guitar riffs to be used as special effects, the game contained at least 8 different riffs and drum loops.

Released as a free online game, the SWF flash file contained all the original mono MP3 audio files, images and vector files. The music in this video features a remix of Perry’s original riffs. The aggressive riffs and tropical drum loops match the style of music used in Joe’s level of the SNES game “RevolutionX” released a decade earlier.

The original theme and drum loop run at 120 BPM. The theme riff was processed with AI technology (https://www.lalal.ai/) to separate the drums from the guitar riff, to allow for better mixing and processing of the individual parts. The processed guitars are on the right, and the original unprocessed guitars are on the left channel. The additional riffs included in the game were adjusted to fit the same tempo as the theme. Guitars and drum loops had EQ and compression applied to give the illusion of a stereo recording. And by adding Joe’s voice-over, this theme version officially uses all original sounds created by Joe Perry.

This fast-paced arcade-style game features the famed guitarist as a dark but irreverent animated genie who can be magically summoned to help the intrepid saucier Chef Anthony. The brave little Chef dashes about fantastic landscapes scooping up ingredients to make Boneyard Brew, which is Joe Perry’s spicey hot sauce while avoiding the sour notes sent to stop him by his nemesis, the evil Axeman.

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