MAKING OF GET A GRIP unreleased DOCUMENTARY project and the tapes recorded with +50 hours of AEROSMITH footage!

After the success of Permanent Vacations and Pump, Aerosmith manager of the time, Tim Collins, thought it would be a good idea to record the writing and recording process of their follow up album. A video crew followed the band around the studio and LA while they worked and rehearsed new tacks, discussed with producer Bruces Fairbrain and manager Tim Collins, as well as co-writers like Desmond Child (discussing the first verse of Crazy), and even some backstage clips of the 1993 tour.

The idea was to record the band’s entire process from concept, to writing, recording, releasing and touring the new album, and premiere it as a follow-up to 1989’s “Making of Pump” documentary.

Perhaps the difficulties in the making of Get a Grip got in the way of the project, which was eventually abandoned. Recordings took place from December 1991 to, at least, September 1992, in high quality wide-screen 16:9 beta cam format.

30 years later,, a premier auction house, posted an Aerosmith Collection of 45 Beta Tapes of never before seen footage of the project. This represented 50+ hours of unedited material of the band working and private conversations about the making of the album and touring. The auction did not include ownership rights to make duplicate copies of the material on these tapes for resale. The public bid ended at $5K on 4/30/2022.

Most of the footage contained the tape’s timestamp, which suggests this could have originally been a working copy of the editors. The source was likely someone within Collins Management.

It’s unlikely the material could be used with the conditions applied, the timestamp on all footage, and/or that the auction will finish, as being a public online bid might attract the attention of the band’s management now that they could be working on new projects under the UMG deal.

Should the band take action and give the footage to a film studio to produce a project similar to Diney+ The Beatles: Get Back?

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