“HOT TODDY” the mellow predecessor to Black Cherry based on a drink and/or sex

“Hot Toddy” is an Aerosmith demo worked on during the 1989 sessions for Pump. The song is the pre-incarnation of what would later become the (also rejected) Get a Grip outtake “Black Cherry“. Hot Toddy is just a bit slower and more mellow than the later full rocker version with alt lyrics.

While the name “Hot Toddy” is primarily used in the English-speaking world (originally Scotland) for a mixed drink that is served hot, no doubt the Aerosmith used one of the more sexual connotations.

For example, a “Hot Toddy” is a person with whom one conducts a sexual relationship under the implicit understanding that each participant may be maintaining a separate monogamous sexual relationship with another, all of whom must remain unaware of this activity. There are other nasty “Hot Toddy” urban definitions that involve oral and anal sex, vomit, shit and fisting. No wonder why the song got rejected and may have contributed to former Aerosmith’s manager, Tim Collins, fears of Tyler being a sex addict.

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