Hearing FULL AEROSMITH OUTTAKES and why they haven’t LEAKED

After years of surfing the web, researching and collecting all the information about the Aerosmith Outtakes (this quest probably started in 2003), a fan travelled to Boston to see his first Aerosmith show in March 2006. Sadly Steven got his vocal cords injured which lead to the tour getting cancelled.

Not everything was bad however, the fan got to meet a private collector who allowed for a listening experience of several demos in full, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ready for the occasion, notes were taken, guitar in hand to figure out chords, and mind ready after years of research and speculation on how the songs would sound like, so, all the information was absorbed like a magnet, memorising the structure of most of the songs.

To the best of our knowledge, the audio generation of the recordings were:
Studio > Cassette tape Gen1 > Cassette tape Gen2 > 44hz 16bit WAVE > MP3 44hz 128kbs (downgrade)

This led to recording several Aerosmith Outtake Covers.

We at the BackBurner never received copies of the full songs, one of our contributors just had the chance to hear them, took notes, reconstructed and researched. Additionally, the original sample clips were simply lost forever in corrupt CD-R and broken hard drives without backup. Old research and memories of the songs are all that remain now. People online tend to think this is a lie, and that we to keep them hidden from other fans and not share them, but it’s not the case.

Now, even if we had copied, we don’t think it would be right for the band to have fans damage them and their works by leaking unreleased songs, especially when over the years they have been constantly revisiting them to get them officially released – Lizard Love, Legendary Child, Sedona Sunrise and Devils New Disguise are good examples of this.

But we think that speculating about them and promoting a healthy conversation about the topic could be fun for fans and hopefully result in the band reconsidering getting these songs officially released in a box set.

The private collector asked to remain anonymous and we respect that.


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