“13” is the working title of an unreleased song from the 1992 Get a Grip sessions. “13” was most likely used because it was the 13th song on the list of songs they were working on and as the song didn’t have lyrics they just refereed to it as “13”. This is a great example … More 13

Hearing outtakes full and why they are not leaked

After years surfing the web, researching and collecting all the information I could find about the Aerosmith Outtakes, I travelled to Boston to see my first Aerosmith show in March 2006. Sadly Steven got his vocal chords injured and that lead to the tour getting cancelled. Not everything was bad, I got to meet a … More Hearing outtakes full and why they are not leaked

Why covers of FULL outtakes exist if they haven’t leaked?

In 2003 I heard the ‘Permanent Outtakes’ bootleg. I loved it, listening to it was a great experience, it made me feel like I was in the studio working with the band. It was also a master class of song production, and allowed an overview of the evolution of the song ideas through many different … More Why covers of FULL outtakes exist if they haven’t leaked?

Nine Lives (album)

This album was delayed a lot and was really hard to produce and to finish. The album was recorded 3 times in different studios. They started writing new songs late 1995, later went with producer Glen Ballard and wrote more songs on Miami’s “Marlin Hotel”, they then recorded the songs on the South Beach Studios … More Nine Lives (album)

Sources of leaks and information

Old Aerosmith.com from ’97 al ’99 hosting demo clips, unreleased videos and full outtake lyrics Live versions of un-released songs Interview comments from band members Copyright registration in ASCAP and BMI Website and personal archives of co-writters (Diane Warren, Jim Vallance and Richi Supa for example). Jhon Kalodner old web Leaked Bootlegs with full album … More Sources of leaks and information

Tom Hamilton solo

In recent years Tom has often mentioned having a good amount of songs recorded and considering releasing them as a solo album. The only problem he found was getting them in the right shape. They didn’t fit the Aerosmith style, so he considered having a female singer record vocals and get them release them to … More Tom Hamilton solo

Renegade (band)

Internal problems with Aerosmith led to the creation of the band “Renegade” in 1981. Joey said the reason he put the band together is because Aerosmith was ready to self-destruct. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had already left the band, and Steven Tyler was side-lined for the year on account of a motorcycle accident. Joey … More Renegade (band)

Music From Another Dimension (album)

After many failed attempts in 2006, 2007 and 2009, the band finally started work on the new album with an 8 day songwriting session that Joe Perry missed. Earlier this year, Aerosmith recorded a series of demos in Los Angeles. Tentative track titles included “Bobbing For Piranha,” “Asphalt” and “Legendary Child.” “They still sound like … More Music From Another Dimension (album)

Bridges Are Burning

“Bridges are Burning” is a pop/rock song that didn’t make the final cut on the Nine Lives album. It was originally written by Tyler and Perry with Marti Frederiksen and Joel Edward Perry during the 1996 session at the South Beach studios under Glen Ballard’s production. The ASCAP copyright information lists “Can’t Compare” as an … More Bridges Are Burning

Bacon Biscuit Blues

“Bacon Biscuit Blues” is a song left from the 1996 sessions for Nine Lives. It was written by Tyler and Perry with Richie Supa, long-time friend of the band and co-writer of songs like Pink, Chip Away and Lightning Strikes. “Bacon” is believed to have made it all the way to the end of the … More Bacon Biscuit Blues


“Loretta” is an Aerosmith outtake from the Nine Lives album, written during the 1996 South Beach sessions with Glen Ballard as a producer. Being a fast-passed pop/rocker with a slight punk feel (as much of the guitar parts are mostly played in 5ths), it is believed to have made it all the way to the … More Loretta

Innocent Man

“Innocent Man” is a song left out of the Nine Lives album. Originally written during the 1996 session and produced by Glen Ballard in the South Beach studios. At the time Sony rejected it as “they were looking for something else”, while the band said it sounded like “some other band trying to do an … More Innocent Man


“Trouble” is an Aerosmith outtake written by Steven and Joe, with Richie Supa, during the 1992 sessions at the A&M Records, in Los Angeles, for the first attempt of the Get a Grip album with producer Bruce Fairburn, and later revisited during the initial 1996 sessions of Nine Lives with Glen Ballard. This song is … More Trouble

Black Cherry

“Black Cherry” is an Aerosmith outtake written between the ’88/’89 Pump sessions – when it was refereed to as “Hot Toddy” with unfinished lyrics – and the early 1992 sessions at the A&M Records, in Los Angeles, for the first attempt of the Get a Grip album with producer Bruce Fairburn. It is a cool … More Black Cherry