“The Jam Band” Tom and Joe’s 1969 band

Tom, Joe and Pudge

Before Aerosmith, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton were in a band called “The Jam Band” with high school friend Pudge Scott. They a recorded self-titled album on August 30th, 1969 with two Shure microphones over an audience at “The Barn” (a club where The Jam Band and The Chain Reaction frequented) and was taped with Pudge Scott’s father’s Concord two-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. The album was a live album with all cover songs.

The songs were:

  • “Shapes Of Things” by Jeff Beck
  • “Let Me Love You Baby” by Jeff Beck
  • “Blues Deluxe” by Jeff Beck
  • “Red House” by Jimi Hendrix
  • The MC5’s “Ramblin’ Rose”
  • “Gimmie Some Lovin” by The Spencer Davis Group
  • “Milk Cow Blues” by Kokomo Arnold (which was later covered by Aerosmith on their album “Draw The Line”)

The album was not ALL recorded in front of an audience! The album’s opening track was Jeff Beck’s “Rice Pudding” which was taped by Elyssa Jarret [Joe’s future ex-wife] during a rehearsal at the band house behind “The Barn.” The band had the tape mastered and transferred to Acetate at “AAA Recording” in Boston, Massachusetts. The album had really cool psychedelic cover art {with flames, eyeballs, and acidic whorls} that was drawn one stoned night by Joe Perry.

They printed out [depended on who’s account you believe] three to six copies. But according to Joe, the bad quality of the tape made it wear out after only a few plays. But, Pudge Scott still has his copy, so I guess there might be a possibility that it might be re-mastered and something might be re-released someday.

Information taken from RockThisWay.net

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